2015 - 35th Annual Seattle Peace Concerts      Seattle's longest running free park concert series.. Since 1981
35th Annual Summer Park Concerts

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                              That's it for our 2014 Free Summer Park Concert Series. Now looking to see who's in for next year! 2015, Year #35
                                  Performers/Bands, Peace/Environmental Organizations, Sponsors, Sound Companies, Etc.                                                                           Email us seapeace@seapeace.org

 SPC is all volunteer, including performers.. Here are some of our 2014 Sponsors and Supporters;
Seattle Teen Music Seattle Parks DeptDiscMakers Zing HQ

The 2014 Team.. Steve Dugan * Hans Gregg/EMS Sound * Sara St. John * Timothy Bryant Blocher * Jeanne Malinosky * Ron Killman * Ricky Gene Powell * Jon Scherrer * Don Glenn * and why not you? Email us seapeace@seapeace.org 
Please help promote these concerts.. social media etc. and bring your friends!

The concerts are free to attend but we do need help covering expenses. SPC is all volunteer, including performers. If you'd like to help, Send Check or MO to: SPC C/O Don Glenn 2445 NW 57th St. #209 Seattle WA 98107.

Sundays Noon - 6pm Admission Free
Please Bring Food Bank Donations
These concerts are non-political and non-religious in nature (no speeches, no preaches), "Peace Through Music".

Chief Seattle was quoted as saying, "Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.". We are one.. 


A Washington State Non-profit Org. UBI Number 603-175-861
SPC C/O Don Glenn 2445 NW 57th St. #209 Seattle WA 98107