2015 - 35th Annual Seattle Peace Concerts      Seattle's longest running free park concert series.. Since 1981

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This year we would like to make the concert series into a more broad based Festival. This could include the addition of bubble blowers, jugglers, tightrope walkers, live painting, culinary delights (food trucks), kit building/flying, dancers, comedians, puppets, poets, acting troupes, mimes, etc. as well as musical acts.. We've got a whole new team comin' on this year.

Some of the bands that are being considered for 2015;  New to SPC.. The Winterlings, Acoustic Fantasy, The Bitter Roots, Woodland, Luke Dowler, Bump Kitchen, Mark Goldberg, ArÍte Quartet, Soulful 88's, Caela BaileySpontaneous Rex.. Plus some of our favorite long time friends.. Daddy Treetops, Harvey Swanson,  Movin' Mountains, Ricky Gene Powell, Don GlennJim Page, Katy Keenan, Neal Storme and his Band of Amazing Friends, Town Hall Brawl, Thornton Creek, Two Sided Fusion, Little Sense, Tukso Okey, Alive She Cried, Andy Coe & Friends, Willie and the Whips, Bill DavieJill Cohn

If you'd like to perform and don't see your name here, send your info. to seapeace@seapeace.org   SPC 2445 NW 57th St. #209 Seattle WA 98107

 SPC is all volunteer, including performers.. Here are some of our 2015 Sponsors with more to come!
Seattle Teen Music Seattle Parks DeptDiscMakers Zing HQ

The 2015 Production Team with more in the Peace Works.. Steve Dugan * Hans Gregg/EMS Sound * Sara St. John * Timothy Bryant Blocher * Jeanne Malinosky * Ron Killman * Ricky Gene Powell * Chris Svehaug * Jon Scherrer * Don Glenn

Here we go again! The concert team that is coming together this year is really great! This will be the transition year where they take over producing the series and I step back. Been quite the ride! Now for some new energy. Don Glenn 

The concerts are free to attend but we do need help covering expenses. SPC is all volunteer, including performers. If you'd like to help, Please donate when the "bucket" comes around but it's most helpful now. Even with all of us volunteering our time and energy there are necessary costs. Tax deductible donations to Seattle Peace Concerts can now be made thru Seattle Teen Music Shunpike

Sundays Noon - 6pm Admission Free
Please Bring Food Bank Donations
These concerts are non-political and non-religious in nature (no speeches, no preaches), "Peace Through Music".

Chief Seattle was quoted as saying, "Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.". We are one..

Seattle Peace Concerts' free summer park concert series, since the early 80s, feature well established musicians and entertainers as well as some of the Northwest's best new artists. Musical styles reflect the diverse contemporary music scene here in the pacific northwest and beyond! - Rock, Pop, Reggae, R&B, Blues, Zydeco, Drum Groups, Choirs, Folk, World Beat, Jazz, and some stuff that defies labeling. These are family events. No alcohol! Admission is free however we encourage folks to bring food bank donations and contribute what you can when "The Bucket" comes around to help us cover expenses.

An attempt was made in the early eighties to ban Amplified Music, i.e. "Rock n' Roll", from the Seattle Parks because of the negative impact some of the events held at that time had on the parks and on the general community. Reason prevailed!! Sound levels and other conditions were established and now for 30 years, to the credit of kind Seattle folk, we have maintained good relations with our City Government, and the Seattle community in general, and the Parks have always looked as good or better after these concerts than before. We did good Seattle!! We are an example of Peace here now.


A Washington State Non-profit Org. UBI Number 603-175-861
SPC C/O Don Glenn 2445 NW 57th St. #209 Seattle WA 98107